New case of police brutality in Tulum (Video)

Photo: De Peso

TULUM.- A new video of police brutality is circulating on social networks, once again in the municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo, which makes evident the lack of training and preparation of the police officers in this part of the state.

In the video, a young man can be seen handcuffed lying on the pavement resisting to get on the police vehicle with number 12233, but finally, two police officers get him into the back of the truck using excessive force, and then repeatedly hitting the man.

On the video it can be seen that, once inside the police vehicle, one of the police officers repeatedly hits the young man.

At least five relatives and witnesses of the events tried to defend the attacked young man, but they could not prevent the victim from being hurt.

It was found that the young man was reported to the 911 emergency service for domestic violence while intoxicated.

The video of the arrest was recorded on Tuesday, April 6th, in the streets of Tulum, and this situation once again puts the Tulum municipal police under the spotlight after the death of the Salvadoran Victoria due to excessive use of force just days ago.

Faced with this new case, the lack of training of the police agents in terms of police action and Human Rights comes to light.