Morena representative proposes to investigate Latinus web portal financing

Photo: (Proceso)

At the beginning of her proposal, Ascencio Ortega asks the Chamber of Representatives to also urge the UIF and the FGR to investigate the alleged participation of the governor of Michoacán and officials of that state government for the funding of “Latinus”, a news web portal owned by Yucatecan journalist Carlos Loret de Mola.

México City, (April 08, 2021).- The federal representative of Morena Reyna Ascencio Ortega proposed a point of agreement for the Chamber of Representatives to request the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) “to investigate the legality of the origin of the resources that finance the communication platform called “Latinus”, in which Mexican journalists Carlos Loret de Mola and Víctor Trujillo, “Brozo” collaborate.
Published this Wednesday in the Parliamentary Gazette, the Morenista’s proposal highlights: “It is totally improper that public resources of the people are used for such purposes when they should be used for the provision of public health, education and welfare services.”

The Michoacán legislator concluded, “The Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, as well as the Attorney General’s Office, are both strongly requested to investigate the possible use of public resources in the financing of the online platform known as Latinus ”.

Source: Proceso