Morena Representative is arrested for sexually abusing a fifteen-year-old boy

Morena Representative Benjamin Huerta, accused of abuse of a minor. Photo: (El Universal)

The 15-year-old teenager accused the legislator of “touching” him

Mèxico, City April 22, 2021 (EL FINANCIERO).- The federal representative of Morena for the state of Puebla, Benjamín Huerta, is subject to investigation in the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City, after being accused of alleged sexual abuse against a fifteen-year-old boy.

He was arrested on Wednesday, April 21, in a hotel on Roma Street, Juárez neighborhood, in the Cuauhtémoc district of Mèxico City, and presented before the Sexual Crimes Prosecutor’s Office.

Officials from the Ángel-Rosa Sector reported that hotel employees detained the representative, since a 15-year-old adolescent assured them that he tried to sexually abuse him.

According to his testimony, he came to this place for “work reasons”, but the deputy began to “touch” him.

In his first statements, the complainant told police from the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) that he has a working relationship with the representative, who brought him from Puebla.

He indicated that this morning Benjamín ‘H’ wanted to sexually abuse him, for which he notified the manager and employees of the hotel, who arrested him and requested the support of police officers from the Ángel-Rosa Sector.

According to witnesses, the representative began to tell them that he could not be detained because “he has “fuero“(special jurisdiction).”

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The FGJ confirmed that the defendant’s defense “has presented various documents to prove that his client has constitutional jurisdiction” in order to leave the MP.

He pointed out that he is part of an ongoing investigation for this fact and that personnel from the Forensic Investigation and Expert Services Coordination try to gather test data, so they went to the hotel.

The Investigative Police are looking for possible witnesses, as well as images from public and private surveillance cameras to determine what happened.