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More environmental care and animal welfare actions for Merida

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Mérida, Yuc., (April 27, 2021).- The PAN candidate for mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha assured that if he wins the election on June 6, he will promote more sustainable development projects with which he will seek the protection of natural resources, animal welfare, and the use of clean energies.

“My commitment is to continue working on issues that have to do with the correct final disposal of solid waste, to be able to increase Green Points for recycling, grow the urban tree crew, and continue with all public policies that are in favor of the environment”, he said.

An important part is also to give more incentives for the use of solar panels and more actions in favor of the flora and fauna of the entire Municipality.

The PAN standard-bearer declared the above during a morning tour in the Xoclán Eco-archaeological Park, an area where Ya’axtal, the Great Lung of Mérida, is located. In that place, accompanied by Luis Salinas Peba, professor at the National School of Higher Studies of the UNAM, Luis Sauma Castillo, a marine biologist specialized in migratory bird ecology, Renán Barrera participated in a bird watching activity.

He underlined the environmental importance of having more urban parks within the city in order to develop or promote actions in accordance with the ecological conditions of green spaces, such as recreational, scientific research, and family activities, among others.

“In Mérida, we have many spaces like Ya’axtal that are worth rescuing, so people can enjoy visiting these place. Today we can see that this green lung is already beginning to be complemented with sports, bird watching, or recreation activities, the public is making it their own”, he mentioned.

He informed that his sustainability proposals include executing the second and third stages of Ya’axtal, where a significant investment would be made to continue providing it with infrastructure and make it attractive, not only for the people of Mérida but also for national and international tourists.

“In the following stages, works of lighting, roads, installation of signage, more security with the Park Rangersare contemplated.”

“What we intend is to continue investing so that people can carry out different activities within this park, such as picnicking, bird watching, camping, and enjoying nature,” Barrera Concha said.

In addition, as part of our proposals to promote economic reactivation, Ya’axtal’s intervention will create jobs, mainly for the tourism and recreation sectors.

In turn, Luis Salinas expressed that he welcomes the proposal of the National Action candidate to continue with the second and third stage of Ya’axtal, given that it has become a meeting point where families in the area carry out sports and recreational activities, in addition to being an important lung for Mérida.

“It is to recognize the interest that Renán Barrera has in betting on sustainability and rescuing these points that exist throughout the city. In addition to helping human beings, it also contributes to the preservation of the flora and fauna of our region ”, he stated.

During the walk, Renán Barrera and the specialist ornithologists visited the archaeological skeletons and the sascaberas.

Besides, the sighting of 25 species of birds was also achieved, of which 10 are migratory, such as the yellow warbler and the scarlet pyranga. Among the local species that were sighted, there were carrots, jumpers, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, charas, and pigeons.

Ya’axtal has two types of vegetation: low deciduous forest and low flood forest, where species such as opossums, skunks, and squirrels also inhabit, along with many types of reptiles.

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