Mexican Navy rescues fisherman injured on high seas in Yucatan

The man injured his left arm while performing his tasks; It was located approximately 240 kilometers northwest of the municipality of Progreso. Photo: (El Universal)

Progreso, Yucatàn, April 28, 2021, (EL UNIVERSAL).- After injuring himself while fishing on the high seas, a fisherman received help from the Mexican Navy Secretariat (Semar) to transfer him to the mainland where he received medical attention in a timely manner.

The man was fishing about 130 nautical miles (approximately 240 kilometers) northeast of the coast of Progreso.

The rescue was carried out by the personnel assigned to the Ninth Naval Zone when the man was on board the boat “Itali Andrea II” capturing marine species and injured his left arm while fishing.

Once they managed to stabilize him, he was transferred to the vicinity of Cayo Arenas, Campeche, where through a mobile wing aircraft type MI-17 the fisherman was taken to Yucalpetén, Progreso.

The emergency call was received in the Command and Control Room of the Ninth Naval Zone, which ordered the immediate deployment of a Coastal Patrol with a Naval Health team.

According to representatives of the fishing cooperative of which the injured man is a member, they went to the Yucalpetén headquarters to later take him by ambulance to a hospital in the port of Progreso.