Man arrested for robbery is now implicated in Umán’s femicide

Photo: (Yucatán al Instante)

Mérida, Yucatán (April 19, 2021).- The coordinated work of the State Investigation Police (PEI) of the SSP and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) allowed the identification of the probable perpetrator of the femicide registered in recent days in the Bicentennial subdivision of Umán, so on Monday, April 19th, he will be presented to the corresponding Control Judge.

It should be noted that Miguel A.Q.V. was arrested a few days after the femicide for the crime of robbery with violence by agents of the SSP and after his arrest, the subject was presented in the first instance before the First Control Court based in Mérida wherein the audience, he was charged with the crime of robbery with violence, decreeing that he will remain in prison throughout the process.

At the hearing, the elements of evidence contained in the criminal case 96/2021 were presented, which refers to the fact that on April 14, using physical and moral violence, he stripped the citizen R.C.C. of his belongings and money in cash, after threatening him with a cutter, when he was walking through the streets of the Emiliano Zapata Oriente neighborhood in Uman.

Thanks to the prompt response of police officers, he was detained and placed at the disposal of the corresponding authorities, so after the indictment, he requested the duplication of the term, so the bonding hearing was scheduled for Thursday, April 22.

Presumable Participation

After the preventive detention for theft was decreed, the subject will also be presented this Monday before the Control Judge for his probable participation as a direct author in the crime of femicide, after the events cited in the municipality of Umán.

The intelligence and follow-up tasks included proceedings that required judicial control to obtain the evidence that is considered necessary to prove the participation of the suspect in the event indicated, which allowed the State Investigation Police (PEI) of the SSP and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) obtain scientific elements that link him to the case, so he will have to face the corresponding legal process separately.

Source: Yucatán al instante