(Photo: SIPSE)

The city of Merida, beaches and the interior of the state had an important tourist day on Good Friday.

MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – The religious activities at the Cathedral of San Ildefonso on Good Friday, the opening of businesses that worked on a typical non-working day, and the arrival of visitors from various Mexican states for the Holy Week vacations brought commercial and tourist life to Mérida’s Centro Histórico.

The Plaza Grande became the center of attraction yesterday and, as rarely before, all the benches were occupied, people walked along the sidewalks, and nearby streets, visitors posed in front of the letters that form the name of Mérida as souvenirs, and the restaurants with tables on the street were well attended.

The state government took advantage of this holiday and Easter vacation to show off the modern city bus that will soon cover the new route of the Anillo Periférico. He parked the bus in front of the Cathedral, put up posters explaining the new public transportation project’s objectives, and allowed a tour inside the new vehicle.

The good affluence was also noted along Paseo de Montejo, where people went to the Colón ice cream parlor, which was packed at all hours, and some restaurants operating since the morning. Besides, visitors could rent bicycles to ride along the ciclovía (bicycle path) in this area.

The first square’s commercial area looked as if it were a Sunday. Clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, candy stores, and piñatas were active as well as restaurants. The commercial activity was low, however the affluence was good, so that the coming and going of people was constant in the streets. Even the turibus provided service at its usual times.

Due to the low commercial activity, vehicular traffic was lower than a typical day in this economic reactivation, and the urban truck stops had lines because the concessionaires probably withdrew some transportation units due to the low mobility. In contrast, few people were seen at Progreso’s Malecon, whose beach remains closed for the vacations. However, people wishing to go to the sea opted for the beaches at Chelem.

Beautiful sunset in Chelem. Photo in Twitter by Eglain Lopez Luna @emoon56

Many Meridanos and families from other municipalities came to this port to enjoy a family day out and swim in the ocean. The long line of cars on the road was a clear sign that Chelem has become an option for this vacation period.

The fishermen of this port, who have a tent covered with palms and chairs, rented the space at $50 to $80 per stay, but not all of the “palapas” were occupied because many people preferred to settle in the free areas.

Izamal also had a good afluence of visitors.