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In a few minutes a “heat stroke” could kill your dog

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This is what you should do if your pet gets hot

Mérida, Yucatán, (April 14, 2021).- In Yucatán, due to a heatwave and an anticyclone this Thursday, April 14th, temperatures are around 35 to 37 degrees, so exposing your pets to a walk in full sunlight can be deadly for them.

Heatstroke can cause serious damage to the organs of animals or even cause death in just 15 minutes, explained Gabriela Ramírez, the head of Internal Medicine at the Small Species Veterinary Hospital of the University of Guadalajara.

The specialist explained that there are times when the sun’s rays can be harmful, in addition to the asphalt getting hotter and can be harmful to dogs, which are the animals that we take the most for walks. 

Como mantener fresca a tu mascota en verano

Symptoms of heat stroke in dogs

It is important to care for the dog for symptoms such as vomiting, imbalance, agitation, lightheadedness, diarrhea, and fainting.

“It is a matter of acting quickly when we notice the symptoms because it can die in 15 minutes. Pets have a higher temperature than ours, and they also have a less efficient ability to regulate it in the face of high ambient temperatures ”, explained Gabriela Ramírez.

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“It can also burn the abdomen, genitals, and legs, which fleas and ticks take advantage of to infect animals. Like people, being exposed to the sun can lead to the appearance of cancer on the skin of pets, especially in white cats and dogs, ”he added.

What to do if our dog got sick?

Step 1 is to move the animal away from the heat source. Step 2 is to cool it down with wet towels and a fan and step 3 takes him immediately to the vet.

Como Mantener Fresca a tu Mascota en Verano | Triada

Dr. Rebeca Granados Gil, from the University Center for Biological and Agricultural Sciences adds that hydration is vital.

“We have had cases in which the patient dies. There are breeds more susceptible to heatstroke, such as the brachiocephalic: boxer, French and English bulldog, due to their anatomy of the nose, they are not capable of cooling the air ”, she pointed out.

Croquettes decompose in the heat

During the hot season, pay attention to the quality of the croquettes because they can decompose more quickly and poison your pet.

Consejos para mantener fresca la comida de tu mascota

The recommended times to walk the dogs are during the morning or at sunset and to hydrate the pet you have to keep the water fresh and offer it in abundance.

Source: Sipse

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