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How do illegal real estate dispossession networks operate in Yucatán and Quintana Roo?

by Yucatan Times
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In the case of Yucatán, a magistrate denounced collusion between union leaders, workers, and high-ranking administrative personnel, who operate to sell information. 

Mèrida, Yucatàn, April 28, 2021, (REAL ESTATE MARKET).- In June 2019, Lilia Ochoa Muñoz took office as a magistrate of the Unitary Agrarian Court, after 12 days of being in the hands of peasants and ejidatarios of 10 municipalities of Yucatán for various irregularities.

However, the official is now facing a network of corruption in which employees and union leaders participated, due to the fact that it was a business that benefited the real estate industry in an irregular and illegal way.

“Interest in the lands of Yucatán is very high because they are suitable for profitable investments, they buy them cheap and the projects generate millionaire profits. Yucatán has become a very valuable land for commerce (…) that is given more for investment and that generates very strong interests ”.

Lilia Ochoa Muñoz

And she sentenced “Those responsible are corrupt ejido commissariats and agrarian employees.”                            

Collusion for dispossession

In recent days, the magistrate denounced in a press conference that a group of employees of the Court under her charge make false complaints of the workplace and sexual harassment, which “are manipulated and used for the mishandling of files and agrarian justice is now being applied in a fair and impartial manner ”.

“I am treading on very strong interests. They reached a limit and found a way out through the accusations and the strike ”, she denounced.

“I don’t see names on the files and I don’t know who the buyers are. What I know is that I have to be fair and apply the law, “she explained.

The magistrate explained that when she arrived in the court, there were files on the floor, piled up in the bathroom, in which there was a backlog of files of at least 14 years, for which she notified the irregularities to the magistrates of the Superior Agrarian Court and the federal Internal Comptroller.

Due to the fact that order is being put in place, the magistrate said that complaints and false accusations were made that managed to remove two secretaries and the suspension of Wílberth Hugo Molina, in addition to facing accusations of sexual harassment by Betsabé Rojas Coronel, the Secretary of Agreements, to remove the magistrate’s staff.

She added that the union has collusion with employees to make accusations.

“If they had evidence, they would have already exhibited it, because they recorded everything we did during the time we put the files in order,” she said.

She explained that the previous Secretary of Agreements of the agency knows the history of the files,  but now she is dedicated to litigating in favor of the buyers, while another union leader is the husband of the head of the Administrative Department.

“For this reason, trials were prolonged, there were land dispossessions and abuses against poor people.”


The magistrate continued: “When I asked to be given the government books to find out what we had, I saw that this book was blank. Nothing had been recorded for six years. It was not known how many files existed ”.

The magistrate, in addition to sending complaints to the federal and state levels, decided not to leave her post until 180 files were resolved, among which the Chuburná ejido stands out, which has 100 files, “which was used by lawyers and staff of the same Agrarian Court to obtain money at the expense of residents of the Vista Alegre and Del Arco subdivisions in Mérida”.

A few days ago, Ejidatarios from Chablekal and Kanasín, affected by the so-called Yucatecan “agrarian mafia” went to the 34th District Agrarian Unitary Court to support Judge Ochoa Muñoz, before whom they said: “I am not going to kneel before any union. I am not corrupt. “

Quintana Roo, another black point

In another neighboring state, the so-called “Depojo Cartel” operates in Quintana Roo, led by Luis Pablo Bustamente Beltrán, the new leader of the Green Ecologist Party (PVEM) in Quintana Roo, who together with representative Gustavo Miranda,  lead a cell dedicated to the dispossession of real estate through false labor lawsuits, in which family members and the notary 84 in Playa del Carmen, Jorge Jaime Cruz Hernández, are in collusion.

Bustamante Beltrán and several collaborators, since 2015, appeared at the Special Conciliation and Arbitration Board of Cozumel, Quintana Roo, to sue Erika García Deister, through the conglomerate García y Miranda Trading SA de CV, a company allegedly dedicated to selling timeshare.

In the network, Magistrate Tereza de Jesús Ku Pat, president of the Special Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, operated, who sided with the alleged offended workers (who did not prove the employment relationship) and managed to win a judgment for 10 million euros.

According to the LatinUs portal, the Labor Board, the Public Property Registry, and the false company are in collusion, in which at least two other similar labor lawsuits are related.

According to James Tobin, of the Honor and Justice Commission of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI ), there are more than 40 similar lawsuits in that area.

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