Foreign transport driver runs over an elderly man

Photo: (Yucatán informa)

Mérida, Yucatán, (April 06, 2021).- Agents of the Municipal Police of Mérida reported a traffic accident that occurred on Calle 50 between 65 and 67 of the Historic Center, which resulted in a person with injuries in arms and head.

According to the information gathered at the scene, a public transport bus driven by Fernando M.U., with registration number 57-HB-8G and economic number 5806 was traveling on Calle 50, when upon reaching the intersection of calle 50 with 65, ran over an elderly man, who suffered a probable skull fracture and a wound to his left arm. 

The municipal police officers closed the vehicular traffic on Calle 50. The ambulance with number Y-29 arrived at the scene and the paramedics provided medical attention to the injured senior citizen who showed stable signs.

The man was immeditely transferred to O’Horán Hospital.

The municipal experts arrived at the scene to clarify the corresponding legal procedures.