Drunk man causes accident in Merida, he declares to be Huacho Díaz Mena’s “brother”

the drunk man claimed to be the brother of Huacho Diaz Mena. Photo: (Yucatán informa)

Mérida, Yucatán, (April 08, 2021).- A totally intoxicated man caused an accident in the Miraflores neighborhood, where he was detained by the SSP. When he was being arrested for DUI and causing an accident, he claimed to be “a very influential person”, and he started yelling that he is the brother of the Federal Delegate, “Huacho” Díaz Mena, leader of the Morena political party in Yucatan, anyways, the drunk man was detained by the SSP officers.

The incident was registered on Calle 26, in the aforementioned neighborhood, where Miguel Ángel Díaz Mena was driving his car while intoxicated.

The driver left untimely and invaded the lane on Calle 17, where the driver of a pickup truck was driving crashed into Diaz Mena’s brother’s vehicle.

The collision caused considerable damage to both vehicles, neighbors came out when they heard the crash.

Agents of the SSP arrived at the place, who tried to dialogue with the person in charge, but he became arrogant, resisting the arrest, and also claimed to be the brother of Joaquín Díaz Mena.

Later, due to his refusal, he was detained and taken to a patrol, to be transferred to the cells of the public jail.

Joaquín Jesús Díaz Mena nicknamed Huacho, is a Yucatecan politician currently from the National Regeneration Movement (Morena). He was a federal deputy to the LXIII Legislature of the Mexican Congress, representing Yucatán from the third electoral region.