DocuSign seeks to digitize real estate agreements for Latin America

Photo: (Real Estate Market)

DocuSign will enable Mexican companies to modernize processes with agreements and become more efficient and save time and money.

April 22, 2021, (REAL ESTATE MARKET).- Electronic signature company DocuSign started operations in Mexico, aiming to expand adoption of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, a suite of applications to help real estate organizations prepare, sign, execute and manage agreements.

Gustavo Brant, Vice President for Latin America at DocuSign, said at a press conference that in Mexico they will enable companies to carry out their digital transformation plans, modernizing their processes with agreements and becoming more efficient, and saving time and money.

“When an organization uses DocuSign eSignature, it saves an average of $36 pesos in resources for each contract made compared to paper agreements. Furthermore, 80% of all successful transactions on our platform are completed in less than 24 hours and 44% in 15 minutes ”.


The company also targets industries such as financial services, insurance, and education, which show a high demand for this service in Mexico. In addition, the company, which built its business in Brazil, expects the Mexico office to be ‘a hub’ for all Latin American markets.

Dan Springer, CEO of DocuSign said, “We are pleased with the growth of our international presence with the launch of our operations in Mexico. We consider Mexico a key market for our success in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, and we look forward to helping local companies advance their digital transformation efforts. “

The firm’s representatives indicated that one of the main concerns in the Mexican market is security and the protocols for data confidentiality, which is why they offer a security infrastructure in all their products, with international certifications such as ISO 27001 and others.

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