Doctors found ticks inside a child’s ear in Progreso, Yucatán

The 10-year-old boy presented a discomfort in his right ear and a headache for four days. Photo: (Yucatán al ainstante)

Progreso, Yucatán, (April 07, 2021).- After a 10-year-old child, presented discomfort and headache for several days, his mother took him to the health center, where the doctors found four ticks inside the boy’s ear, the events occurred a few days ago in Progreso.

A doctor from the Health Directorate of the Municipality of Progreso proceeded to a full medical evaluation of the minor, and when he checked the kid’s ear, he realized that he had ticks in the ear canal.

After the extraction, the doctor gave the child a treatment to avoid any disease that could transmited by the ticks.

“Four live ticks were extracted from the child’s ear, which presented significant inflammation, an antibacterial treatment was carried out to clean up the area. Thanks to the well-trained medical personnel of the Municipal Health Directorate, it was possible to detect the problem and care for the patient ”, published the Health Directorate.

Similar cases that had been registered in Yucatan are usually due to the fact that many children sleep right next to their dogs and that is how the ticks usually get into their ear canal.

Given the fact, they made the following statement:

“Living with our pets is very important but very strict hygiene measures must be taken to avoid diseases caused by ticks, such as Lyme disease and Borreliosis that carry bacteria harmful to humans”.