Companies seriously affected by constant blackouts in Yucatan

Companies and businesses continue to be affected by the power outages that occurred during the week. Photo: (Yucatàn a la mano)

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (April 23, 2021).- The leader of the Canacope, Jorge Cardeña Licona, announced that dozens of businesses belonging to his chambers experienced moments of anguish during the last days due to the downturns caused by the heavy rains.

In this regard, the business leader told the CFE to take responsibility for finding a solution with businessmen, who lost everything during these days.

“Who is going to cover us for the large damages we suffered due to not having the service in the small businesses that were affected. There is even talk of 2 to 3 days that the service was not replaced ”.

Cardeña Licona indicated that hundreds of thousands of pesos are now lost, since not only were there the failures in the light, but when reporting they first repaired the northern area, leaving the southern areas without resources.

“It is said that they gave priority to the north of the city and left the south last, where there are more shops”

“This is an aberration on the part of the CFE, thousands of pesos were lost, equipment burned, merchandise spoiled and the question is, who is going to pay us for all those damages?” Cardeña Licona concluded.