Ciudad Caucel stalker caught on video gets arrested by SSP agents

MÉRIDA, Yuc., (April 28, 2021)- The video of a man who harassed a young girl in a business in  Ciudad Caucel went viral on social networks, and almost provokes the lynching of this degenerate individual.

The incident was reported on Facebook by Gabriela C.M., who was the victim of this stalker. According to her account, around 1 in the afternoon on Tuesday, April 27th, a man came to buy at the store located in Ciudad Caucel, where the young woman works.

“I was tending the store, when a man, about 30 years old, came to buy dog food. When  I turned my back on him, the man got very close to me, as if bent over, I thought he was going to grab me from behind and I was very scared, ” the woman wrote on social networks.

Faced with Gabriela’s claim, the man said that he had dropped a coin. “How would I do anything to you if we are the same age,” he said. The woman even told him that she would check the surveillance cameras, to which the man replied to do so. However, he showed the girl a high-denomination bill, siad he was going to get change, but he did not return.

In the footage, it is observed how the man is touching himself, and then photographed the young woman from behind, and then tries to grab her from behind. In a matter of hours, the case went viral. The man was identified as Abisai.

A young woman who claimed to be the subject’s girlfriend said that she and her relatives turned him over to the authorities. Her sister declared that the man is a violent subject and invited other women who have been victims of harassment to report. She explained that although the subject tried to flee, he was finally detained by SSP agents.

The young women asked to stop the “lynching in networks” against them, since they said they did not know the acts that the subject was committing, in addition to expressing their rejection of the facts.

Source: Yucatan al instante