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CFE’s blackouts in Yucatán are causing economic losses

by Yucatan Times
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The CCE leader in Yucatán complained about the CFE’s lack of planning to anticipate the excess demand for electricity in hot weather

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (April 19, 2021).- Despite the fact that Yucatán has one of the highest commercial electricity rates, they do not retaliate with the service provided by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE); in recent days there have been power cuts that not only affected households but also businesses.

Due to these interruptions, several companies have had significant losses when they “restart” their production, said the president of Coparmex in Mérida, Fernando Ponce Díaz.

He said that as time passes it is shown that this parastatal company does not foresee that during these months of intense heat the demand saturates the power lines, for that reason he asks that a plan be had to solve these constant cuts.

“Of course we have an affectation because a cut represents reactivating all the machinery and everything that it implies; consequently, you have impressive costs for the entrepreneur, which is something that has been constantly seen in recent days ”, he added.

These electricity failures, according to the president of the Business Coordinating Council, said that they should not occur, “taking into account the guidelines that are being taken on the energy reform”, what is currently happening does not help at all.

“We were well on track on the issue of clean energy and everything related to it, but now all this has stopped so with all the blackouts that are taking place, it is not helping to see this reform in a positive way,” he explained.

Although he did not give an exact figure, he assured that “they have had a large number of companies” from which they have received complaints about the impact both due to the suspension of their earnings for not being able to offer their products in the absence of light and those who cannot continue with your production.

He commented that he expressed to the now licensed senator Verónica Camino her dissatisfaction for having voted in favor of that reform; the “claim” was during the debate that the private initiative was organized among all the contenders for mayor, including the legislator.

“We are not satisfied based on that reform, we definitely think that the legislators that we have, have to think more about citizenship and its benefit, but with this reform, even if it tells us that they have certain benefits, it is not like that. The Federal Electricity Commission is not up to scratch to benefit all consumers, ” he said.

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