Campeche hotel occupancy reached 60 percent during the Easter Holidays

(Photo: Yucatán a la mano)

Campeche, Campeche, (April 13, 2021).- “During the Easter holidays, the city of Campeche had a hotel occupancy of 50 to 60 percent”, said Mauricio Arceo Piña, president of the Campeche Hotels and Motels association.

He also said that the trend of total stays among travelers varied from three to five days and some vacationers are still arriving in the city.

One of the factors that allowed a rebound in hotel occupancy was the green alert of the National Epidemiological Traffic Light in which the city has been for months, which has allowed travel agencies and tour operators to value the entity as one of the points of greater safety and health in the country.

Among the aspects that travelers looked for was the beach factor, and although in Campeche popular resorts are closed due to these circumstances, there were options for them to attend certain places, as they cannot encourage the violation of laws and security provisions and of course most of the hotels have aquatic recreational areas.

“The average occupancy per room is a day and a half, so we need to entertain them with attractions, such as the INAH museums since Campeche has the advantage of being a destination with open attractions,” he concluded.