Before the elections, Yucatecan legislators would vote again for equal marriage

Mérida, Yucatán (April 5, 2021).- The president of the Commission of Constitutional Points and Governance of the local Congress, Karla Franco Blanco, assured that for the third time so far this legislature the reform in matters of Equal marriage will be discussed again and put to a vote before the end of the last regular session on May 31.

The legislator recalled that although there are dozens of issues yet to be ruled in the commission that she presides, priority has been given to this controversial issue, rejected twice by the majority of the plenary session.

“We have already discussed the issue with members of the commission so that we can present it for analysis in the following days, or in the following weeks,” she stated.

She added that the discussion was on hold due to an injunction trial that is being analyzed in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which was postponed, so it will now be reactivated in the legislative branch.

“We are going to talk with all the members of the commission about the points to present in the next few days,” Franco Blanco concluded.