Bees escape from hives and attack street vendors in Tizimin

Two women suffered several bee stings while they were in the streets of the municipality of Tizimín. Photo: (Yucatan Ahora)

Tizimin, Yucatan, (April 27, 2021).- The attack occurred this Monday, April 26, on Calle 24 between 59 and 61 in the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Tizimin, where Mrs. H.C.D., 70 years old, who was selling donuts, along with P.B.J., 40 years old, were attacked by a swarm of bees that came out of nowhere, and they had to run to get away from the angry swarm.

After requesting help, paramedics arrived at the scene and assessed them. The elderly woman received more than 20 bites and was transferred to the San Carlos hospital for better care. The second woman’s injury did not require hospitalization.

The bees escaped from hives on a nearby farm. The owner said he did not know why the bees got so angry, how they got to where the ladies were, or how could they escape.

Source: Yucatàn ahora