Back to classes in Campeche, with lack of educational personnel

Without means of communication, the second day of classes was held, amid the lack of personnel to take care of the sanitary filters. Photo: (Milenio)

Campeche, Camp., April 22, 2021, (MILENIO).- On the third day when schools resumed educational services in the municipality of Champotón, in southern Campeche, the situation was very different from the first day, when the Plan for Reactivation in 137 schools after a year of pandemic kicked off.

Today there were neither educational authorities nor so many members of the media, the members of the Parents’ Committees stated that not all have the availability to support the entrance filters of the schools and the teachers observed stress in the students due to the high temperatures, the lack of light, lack of water, and the discomfort of using masks.

The teacher of the Venustiano Carranza school in the town of Canasayab, about 40 kilometers from the municipal seat of Champotón, Abel Trinidad Jiménez, is in charge of the school in the absence of the director due to health problems. The teacher attends students from first to third grade, but since this school is docent, he has to also serve students from fourth, fifth, and sixth grade, altering the schedule for at least a month.

“The students arrived very excited to return to school for at least two hours, but due to the intense heat, the use of face masks, it stresses them and they want to take it off”, -said- the teacher in an interview with MILENIO.

On the other hand, the committee members know of the responsibility that exists in the filters and they have the disposition, but not the availability since they have to stay all day and stop doing other basic activities in their homes. Claudia Morales, residents of Canasayab, is a member of the Parents Committee, has four children who are in the first, second, fourth, and sixth years, today she went to school three times to come and go with her children and she had to be in the other, so he had to leave his post and stop fulfilling his role.

In this town without connectivity, with high marginalization, no case of covid-19 has been registered, because there is only one bus with one run a day, the influx is minimal and the residents come out little.

At the Leona Vicario de San José Carpizo school, which is attended by girls and boys from that town and from San Miguel, the director/teacher reported sick. And in the second session of this day, only two children attended because the other two had influenza, according to the school report.

The teacher José Rubén Huicab Chi is also in charge of this school and although MILENIO noted the absence of the members of the Parents’ Committee, the teacher explained that the support is given before the start of the session.

Mrs. Rosa Pacheco said that she is concerned about the restart of school work because although there have been no cases of Covid-19, these days there is a great mobilization of workers from other places for the Mayan train works.

At the “Justo Sierra Mendez” school, in the town of Cañaveral, the teacher and director Rubén Cauich Cabrera reported that on this second day there was stress from the parents and family because they were unable to support their children in their homework, now they are a little more relaxed, but still, there is fear on their part.

The students are happy to return, but the high temperatures and the use of masks are uncomfortable. It is necessary to remember that the Secretary of Education in Campeche reported that 600 thousand pesos were invested in cleaning kits for the 137 schools that resumed educational services on Monday and Tuesday, however, the schools are told of four liters of chlorine, three of muriatic acid, two of liquid soap and with or tufts, material that was indicated to the principals must last until the end of June when the school year ends.

Also, some of the thermometers they were given are not working and they pretended to take their temperature just for the photos taken on Monday’s supervisory visit. And so between chiaroscuro this second day was experienced resumption of educational services in the first entity of the country.