Artisans from ‘Ciudad del Carmen’ report an increase in sales during Easter

Photo: (Yucatán a la mano)

Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, (April 07, 2021).- “An increase of up to 40 percent in sales was registered by the artisans of Ciudad del Carmen, during the celebration of Holy Week, which excellent news for them”, said Miriam Rangel Anaya, a handicraft merchant installed in the Ignacio Zaragoza Park.

She explained that since the middle of last week, with the arrival of visitors from neighboring states in the Mexican southeast, the sale of handicrafts gradually improved, after months in which the closure of public spaces and non-essential shops, due to the pandemic, affect them considerably.

She recalled that a year ago, with the onset of coronavirus cases on the island and voluntary home confinement, several public spaces, including parks and non-essential shops, like theirs, were closed, so sales collapsed, with considerable damage to the local economy.

“The fact that Campeche is on the green at the epidemiological traffic light, has allowed people from neighboring states of the southeast, such as Yucatán and Tabasco, to come to visit the island to enjoy this holiday period, thereby generating a sales increase of up to 40 percent.”

The artisan said that in the same way, they benefited from the opening of all businesses, with which visitors could go to make their purchases, leaving an important economic spill on them.

Asked about the items in greatest demand, the merchant stated that these were mainly arts & crafts, jewelry, accessories, shirts, and ornaments made from shells, and wood.