AMLO will be vaccinated next week, says “he doesn’t want to say where”

Photo: (Expansión)

The President explained that his doctors recommended getting the first dose of the vaccine in the coming days.

México, City, (March 31, 2021).- President  Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that next week he will be vaccinated against the coronavirus covid-19, “his doctors recommended that he should apply the dose”, he reported during his morning press conference.

On Monday, the President said that the doctors who treated him when he caught the coronavirus recommended that “he wait for the vaccine” because he had enough antibodies, but it has been a while.

López Obrador said that he would not notify the media when the dose would be applied since he did not want the event to become a show. “I’m just going to go where it belongs and I’m going to get vaccinated,” said the President at the National Palace.

According to the National Vaccination Plan and the Mexico City government scheme, López Obrador should be vaccinated on April 1, because he is 67 years old and lives in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, where the immunization of older adults began this week.

Previously, the president had indicated that he was going to wait for the recommendation of his doctors to receive the vaccine, after he tested positive for covid-19 in January, for which he had generated antibodies.

Source: Milienio