AMLO proposes to review how much the INE costs the Government

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico. (Photo: Andrea Murcia)

“Although some organizations have made a great effort, others have not exercised Republican austerity and must be reviewed”, the president said.

México, City, (April 13, 2021).- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated on Tuesday, April 13th, that after the midterm elections in June, he intends to review the budget assigned to the National Electoral Institute (INE) to find out how much it costs to the Mexican government, compared to others.

When questioned about whether there is an onerous expense by the legislative branch and what to do about it, the federal president replied that Republican austerity must continue, both in that sector and in others.

“It must be said that (some organizations) have made a great effort, but there are other organizations that have not. We are going to do the exercise in due course so that they do not accuse us of making propaganda. What do we care how much does the legislative power of the US, France, Spain, Argentina, in any other country cost.? Instead, we are going to see how much this organism in charge of organizing the elections, the INE, is costing the Mexican government ”, AMLO said in his particular way.

López Obrador considered that this institute “is the most expensive in the world.”

He added that it will be reviewed how much the INE costs to the Government in relation to the proportion of the population and its results.

“We are going to review this because these expensive agencies prevent funds from being released for the benefit of the people,” he concluded.

Source: El Financiero