5 pets you can have at home if you don´t like dogs or cats

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Would you like to have a pet but you don’t like cats and dogs? Don’t worry: there are other pets that you can raise at home. And today The Yucatan Times make this list especially for you.

1. Ferret

The size and weight of the ferret (it measures about 50 cm and weighs between 0.7 and 2 kg.) Thats make it a perfect animal to raise at home. In addition, according to the portal catycan“he is very affectionate and extremely friendly, especially in relation to children.” 

Of course: if you are looking for an easy pet to raise, think twice before getting a ferret. It is a restless animal by nature and needs to be in constant motion.

“The windows of a house should be completely closed if the animal is loose, there should be no objects within reach that endanger its physical condition, we must not leave it out of its cage at times when we cannot take care of it,” adds catycan.

We recommend that you check out the Instagram accounts @angelcityferret and @thedisneyferrets if you are looking to discover what day-to-day life is like with a ferret. 

2. Rabbit 

Before integrating a rabbit into your family, you should know that domestic rabbits have an average life of 5 to 10 years and generally measure between 30-60 cm. If you can provide them with a quiet space without direct light to live in, they will be more than happy in your home.

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While it must live in a cage, the rabbit must go out into the garden in order to stay healthy. “Always with surveillance or in a safe area where they cannot access electrical cables or toxic plants ,  explains the Diario Vasco.

Also, if you have small children at home, it is not recommended that you buy a rabbit: they do not like noise or being held, so it is preferable to keep them away from children. 

3. Hamster 

If you live in a small apartment, the hamster is the indicated pet for your home, since it only needs a fully equipped cage to be happy and it is not necessary to take it out to the garden.

However, it must be taken into account that they are delicate animals, so it is recommended that children learn to take care of them delicately and not take them out of their cage just to play. 

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According to the newspaper ABC , “experts in small pets advise acquiring a young hamster so that in this way from the first moment, it gets used to being held in your hand and allowing it to be caressed without fear”.

It is also important to buy a cage that is spacious and easy to clean, since the hamster relieves itself inside its cage. Also, do not forget to buy a wheel so that it can exercise constantly. 

4. Miniature pigs

Miniature pigs, which can weigh between 36 and 72 kilos, have become popular in recent years. Today, they are considered one of the coolest household pets, especially in millennial homes

In relation to space, Bekia Pets recommends having a place outdoors so that your pet can enjoy the sun, play and have fun. “The minipig does not need a mud puddle in which to wallow but a large enough container full of water to cool off,” they add. 

Photo: (Instagram: @prissy_pig)

If you have small children at home, miniature pigs are a great option, since they are quite affectionate animals that adapt easily to human contact.

“They like to be caressed and may even respond to your call. Miniature pigs are very dynamic and they like to play all kinds of games ” , explains Bekia Pets .

5. Hedgehog

Perhaps its body is covered in spikes, but the reality is that the hedgehog is not a dangerous or intimidating pet. As Pet Fan explains, “the only defensive mechanism they have is curling into a ball.”

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If you have trouble sleeping, having a hedgehog as a pet is not the best option. They are solitary and nocturnal animals: they sleep during the day and wake up from 5:00 pm

However, it is a great option if you are away from home all day. “It’s perfect for those who work all day and come home in the afternoon. It does not emit noises or bites ”, explains the veterinarian Eduardo Garay López in Peru 21

We hope this short list has helped you, thank you for reading The Yucatan Times and remember you can send your comments or thoughts to editor@theyucatantimes.com



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