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10 exotic animals that you can have at home

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April 12, 2021.- Salvador Dalí went out for a walk with an ant-bear, knowing that these friendly animals are no less loyal than ordinary pets. If you also want to have an animal different from the usual cats, dogs and hamsters, this article is for you. You will discover why it is better to get a skunk instead of a raccoon, and what kind of fox is allowed to have at home.


10 exotic animals that you can have at home
Red panda (left) Capybara (right)

The capybara is a huge rodent (the weight of an adult reaches 65 kg), but very friendly. This intelligent animal can be domesticated and gets along well with cats, dogs, and birds. Capybaras are easy to train, they are not aggressive, they quickly get used to walking on a leash, and they are very comfortable as a pet.

Necessary conditions: These animals lead a semi-aquatic life and rarely go more than 500-1000 meters away from the water. The ideal is to have a pool, and it must be remembered that capybaras are used to the tropical climate, so in winter it will be necessary to think about a large heated enclosure.

You can not have them at home: The red pandas are included in the list of endangered animals. In addition, pandas require a very specific a diet, and if it is not followed, the animal can easily die. Red pandas can only in the wild or in a zoo.


10 exotic animals that you can have at home

This small fox (the size of a chihuahua and weighing no more than 1.5 kg) can be seen as a pet more and more often. The  fenec is an extremely friendly creature with an enormous amount of energy. A tender feature of this animal is the wool pads on its legs, which, in natural conditions, prevent it from being burned by hot sand.

Necessary conditions: At the beginning, the animal should receive the maximum attention: it is necessary to feed it by the hand, play with it, caress it and, under no circumstances, yell at it or make sudden movements. You will also need a large cage or a separate room filled with sand (they love to dig and burrow). In winter, it will be necessary to think about how to provide warmth: fennec does not tolerate low temperatures, the animal catches cold quickly and can die.

It cannot be kept at home: the sand cat  is undoubtedly a very beautiful animal and is considered one of the easiest to keep as a pet of all felines, but these animals are classified as “near threatened”, and in many countries it is illegal to have them at home.


10 exotic animals that you can have at home

Despite being a fairly popular domestic pet, the  axolotl is on the verge of total extinction, so the capture of this amphibian in natural waters is prohibited, but it can be raised at home. It is important to understand that having such an animal is a great responsibility and a difficult task: in adverse conditions, the axolotl can quickly fall ill and die.

Necessary conditions: A large water tank (50 liters of water for each specimen), constant maintenance of a comfortable temperature (16-20 ° C) and regular cleaning of the aquarium. The axolotl is incompatible with any species of fish, snails and frogs. If you can’t guarantee the keeping of this amphibian in cold water, then you’d better give up the idea of ​​keeping it at home.

Can’t be kept at home: The  cane toad is also very popular in home terrariums, and their owners are not afraid to take them in their hands. These toads have large poisonous glands, so if you have dogs or cats, as well as small children, it is better to think about getting another pet, because after interacting with this kind of toad, they can die.

Sugar glider

10 exotic animals that you can have at home

It’s impossible not to smile at the sight of a  sugar glider, right? And on top of that they are incredibly affectionate and strongly attached to their owners and the animals with whom they live in the same house. These rodents are not aggressive at all, they respond to the intonation of the voice and easily learn simple commands.

Necessary conditions: It is a nocturnal animal, and at first it will not let you sleep. If the sugar glider is making noise in its cage, it means that it is calling you because it feels bored and alone; they are very social beings that need a lot of interaction. The best option is to get him a friend. In addition, after installing a waterer in the cage, it is necessary to accustom the pet to using it, otherwise the animal may die of thirst.

You can’t have it at home: If you think that bats are similar to sugar gliders, you are very wrong. Not only is it difficult to find a common language with these animals, it is also illegal in many countries to keep them in the home.


10 exotic animals that you can have at home

When acquiring a genet, you must promise that you will never abandon it; these animals are very attached to your home. And if you decide to have one, you will have to learn to read the mood of your pet: if it is in a good mood, you can pet it, play with it, and it will murmur softly in response, but if it stands up with its left paw, it is better to leave it quiet: the animal will behave very aggressively.

Necessary conditions: despite its exotic appearance, the genet does not require much care. The important thing is to feed her regularly and keep her tray clean.

You can not keep it at home: In many countries it is forbidden to have meerkats at home, but perhaps it is for the better: they are very mobile animals and will not let you have a quiet life. Also, your home will need a remodel shortly after you bring meerkats inside.

Hedgehog Ground

10 exotic animals that you can have at home

These prickly creatures are incredibly cute, and it’s not for nothing that more and more people decide to keep them as pets. The hedgehogs are kind and have an amazing ability to get used quickly to domestic conditions.

Necessary conditions: You have to get a cage right away and make a small shelter for the hedgehog. It is not recommended to allow you to investigate the house – the animal can become entangled in the wires or hurt itself. And it is important to remember that hedgehogs are predators and that the basis of their diet should be raw meat.

You can’t keep it at home: If you don’t live in Africa, you will have a hard time getting a  dwarf kangaroo and you shouldn’t either. It is a wild and quite aggressive rodent that will never get used to a human and will try to escape at any opportunity.

Florida blue lobster

10 exotic animals that you can have at home

If you really want to surprise everyone with your pet, then you should get a lobster, but not just any, but a  Florida one. This almost surreal beauty will not go with you for a walk and will not learn any commands, but will become a colorful detail of your interior.

Necessary conditions: Requires clean water, a large aquarium, and a hiding place.

Can’t have it at home: Bad news for Harry Potter fans, it won’t be possible to get a Hedwig of your own. Although it is not on the list of endangered animals, the  white owl is legally prohibited in many countries, this predator does not adapt to life with humans.


10 exotic animals that you can have at home

The  kinkajú is one of the favorite and most common pets in Brazil. And there are plenty of reasons to love them: they are very attached to their owners, they adore when they caress them, and they love hugs. The Kinkajú is curious and likes to be with humans: hang on their shoulders and climb into their arms. But they do not create problems and are easy to tame.

Necessary conditions: These animals need a warm climate, it is not recommended that residents of the northern hemisphere have them. Nor do you have to have them in pairs, and under no circumstances can they be left alone at home, make sure to lock them in the cage when you are not there.

You can not have at home: The koalas are endangered, and the Australian government imposes serious restrictions on exports and maintaining these animals.


10 exotic animals that you can have at home

How to resist the charm of this beauty of the forest? But can you have a fox at home? Yes, you can, but not just any kind. Remember: you can keep a domestic fox at home, but not a domesticated one. The difference between these two species is that the domestic fox is specially bred to live in a house, and undergoes strict selection, while the domesticated one is brought from the forest.

It is important to remember that foxes have a very specific character: they are faithful, but independent, very curious, confident and playful. It takes a long time to find a common language with this pet, so you will need to arm yourself with patience.

Necessary conditions: A fox gets used to a house more quickly if there are already other pets in it. It must be walked on a leash and watched closely: the animal can swallow a piece of glass or other dangerous objects. Foxes like to hide, so you should think about building a den for it.

Can’t keep it at home: Many rogue breeders sell domesticated fox cubs as if they were domesticated, but at a lower price. This type of saving will be very expensive later on: sooner or later, the animal’s instincts will be awakened and it will begin to attack others, it will scream at night and will literally go crazy with the desire to free itself. And of course, you should never bring a common wild fox into your home, for your safety and that of your loved ones.


10 exotic animals that you can have at home

It’s hard to imagine a skunk as a pet, but they are loved and kept at home in the U.S. Skunks are affectionate and very loyal, with a dog-like character. A domesticated specimen does not use its stink weapon at home.

Necessary conditions: The main thing is to comb the animal regularly and cut its nails on time.

It can’t be kept at home: Despite its incredible popularity, breeders do not recommend having a  raccoon in the home if you are not a professional and do not have enough knowledge about handling wild animals. They’re cunning and agile, and they’ll destroy your apartment as soon as you turn around. Not everyone has the patience and strength to tame this animal.

The Yucatán Times reminds you that any animal is a great responsibility that requires care, training, special conditions and considerable financial investments. If you are unsure of your strengths and abilities, it is best to see them in a zoo. Do not bring a living being to your house just because it is fashionable. And, of course, any animal must be acquired in authorized kennels. Do not encourage the smuggling of wild animals.

Do you think you can have exotic animals as pets or do you think they should live in freedom?

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