Yucatan municipalities prepare plan for better garbage management

(Photo: : Oscar González/Milenio Novedades)

A good waste management plan is sought, from collection to final disposal.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán (Times Media Mexico) .- The Secretary of Sustainable Development of the State informed that by the end of March they will deliver the integral waste management programs, since at this moment few or almost none of the 106 municipalities have them.

“This document seeks to ensure good waste management, from collection to final disposal sites, sanitation of municipal landfills and their rehabilitation, among other concepts, informed the head of the program”, said Sayda Rodríguez.

She informed that this document will also serve to ensure that the citizens and mainly merchants comply with the provisions of the law for the integral management of solid waste.

He said that the physical delivery of the integral waste management program will provide the municipalities with the tools to be able to implement what is stated in the law in their communities.

The important thing is to know that the municipalities already have actions of this type in an approved document and those that have not done anything, can be able to start working with them for the benefit of all.