Ticul will have a hospital; AMLO announces agreement to finish abandoned work

The president announced this Saturday that an agreement had already been reached to finish the construction of the General Hospital of Ticul. (Photo: Jorge Acosta SIPSE)

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced this Saturday, March 6th, that an agreement had already been reached to finish the construction of the General Hospital of Ticul , which was abandoned in past public administrations.

“An agreement has already been reached so that the construction of the hospital that they left abandoned in Ticul can be restarted,” AMLO said this morning in Maxcanú, where he led a work tour to supervise section 3 of the Mayan train, which goes from Calkiní Campeche to Izamal, Yucatan.

López Obrador said that the previous federal administration left more than 300 hospitals abandoned, and that to date 120 hospitals have been completed.

“Imagine how many abandoned projects including hospitals, highways, the Toluca-Mexico City suburban train that was estimated to be completed in three years with 30 billion pesos, went up to 60 billion, and ultimately, it will still demand another 30 billion, in the end, 90 billion will have to be invested to complete that unfinished inherited work,” AMLO said.