The amazing and unknown hidden lagoon of Yucatan.

Kayak rides, palapas and trail in “Nachi Cocom”.

POPOLNAH Yucatan (Megamedia) – The “Nachi Cocom” lagoon has become a new tourist site in the Popolnah commissariat. Many national visitors have come to see this hidden paradise that only a few months ago began to be promoted.

The project has been headed for two years by a local rural tourism association. Still, it was only at the beginning of this year when, with the villagers’ resources, kayaks and vests were acquired, and palapas and a wooden path were built.

In the absence of resources, the association members are investing the profits in improving the site. César Cauich Chay, one of the association members, regrets that they do not have the support of the municipal authorities since all they were given was 7,000 pesos, which is not enough to cover all the improvements required to make the site known.

He even explained that those who work in the cleaning, the formation of trails, and the construction of palapas do not receive a single peso since all the money obtained from the kayak rides is used for improvements.

“We are sad that no one takes us into account, jobs can be generated here, and it would be an economic benefit, not only for the town but for all the surrounding commissariats, since a lot of national and even foreign tourism would arrive,” said Cauich Chay.

He added that most urgently are the bathrooms, but they do not have enough resources to buy a biodigester to prevent contamination in the lagoon. As for the work’s progress, he said that only details are missing, but they also need more vests because they have not been able to buy many.

Cauich Chay said that they had joined 15 rural associations with tourist sites to help each other and promote the spaces in social networks.

The lagoon is located on the outskirts of the commissary of Popolnah, 84 kilometers from the town of Tizimín. Kayak rides cost 50 pesos per hour, and there are rest areas in the surrounding area and a wooden trail.

According to the association members, in the last few weeks, they have had a good response from families from nearby municipalities who have heard about the kayak tours and have come to visit.

The Yucatan Times