Staying Healthy While You Are In Yucatan

Yucatan is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico that attracts thousands and thousands of travelers every year. Although the coronavirus outbreak did dampen tourism like anywhere else in the world, since September 2020, the Yucatan Peninsula has been reopened to tourists. Of course, the new regulations and measures for health safety must be strictly adhered to.

Traveling to the state of Yucatan from the USA should not be a matter of concern, although it is always recommended to be safe and read as much as possible to ensure a healthy and safe tour in this beautiful place.

Buying medicines
In Yucatan and Mexico, there are healthcare facilities that are at par with the US. But there will be differences in the laws in certain aspects of health safety. You can easily find prescription drugs across pharmacies, and certain medicines like antibiotics can even be bought without a prescription here (unlike in the USA). However, for visitors in Yucatan, it is always best to carry a prescription, or get one from the local doctor, to be on the safe side. Again, when it comes to substances like cannabis, you need to have a clear idea about the laws in Yucatan – they are bound to be different from the legal regulations for medical marijuana in Arizona.

Sun exposure
Mexico is known for its bright and intensely sunny days. So if you belong to a place that is not sunny enough throughout the year, you might like to limit exposure to the sun to save yourself from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun.

Insect bites
Mosquitoes are commonly found in the Yucatan peninsula, so make sure to load enough mosquito or insect repellants. If you are prone to insect bites, then purchase products that contain the ingredient DEET or ones that have citronella oil which is known to be effective in repelling insects.

Digestion and tropical ailments
You might have heard people talk about “Montezuma’s Revenge” or the infamous travelers’ diarrhea while in Mexico. But that has been significantly diminished today. However, dietary changes while traveling can lead to conditions like fever, vomiting, and extreme nausea and sometimes cause intense dehydration that can quickly deteriorate your health. To prevent such conditions, travelers prefer to drink only packaged water in bottles that keep the harmful bacteria and germs away. In case of dehydration, hydrating solutions from reputed brands can be of great help, and these are widely available in pharmacies across Yucatan. If bottled water is not your thing, you can choose boiled water, bottled beverages, wine, or beer to stay safe and quench your thirst. And of course, make sure to eat freshly cooked food and try to avoid eating street food as much as you can!

Apart from these, tropical ailments should not be a cause of great worry if you know the basic health safety regulations and are not too adventurous! The best is to consult with your doctor regarding tropical ailments and the necessary precautions that you can adopt.


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