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Springtime is here! Beat the heat with fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, (March 18, 2021).- Spring has arrived and with it the hot season, so it is very important to eat fresh foods rich in vitamins to stay hydrated. To alleviate this heat and keep you cool and hydrated, we leave you a list of 5 foods that cannot be left off the plate.


Originally from the Himalayas, it is a source of hydration thanks to the fact that more than 95 percent of its structure is water.

This vegetable, related to watermelon, melon, and pumpkins, is a low-calorie food that provides the body with fiber, vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

Use it in aguachiles, salads and ceviches .


It is so light, that the Romans used to consume it before going to bed after a big dinner and take advantage of its sedative effect to sleep better.

In the world, there is a great variety, but in Mexico the most popular are roman and orejona, grown in 22 states. Its water concentration is more than 96 percent.

Prepare it in salads or use it as a substitute for tortilla to make yourself some veggie-tacos.


Its inclusion in our diet is a legacy of tropical African culture. About 92 percent of its composition is water.

It has a high content of water and vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system, in addition to B vitamins, mainly B1 and B6, which help keep electrolytes in balance.

Prepare it in fresh waters and salads .


Contains vitamin C , flavonoids, beta carotenes, fiber, thiamine and folic acid; helps the formation of collagen, bones, teeth and red blood cells, prevents respiratory diseases, maintains healthy skin, fights cholesterol and improves digestion.

It is much better to eat it than to take it in juice, on this way it takes advantage of its fiber contribution.

Prepare it in fresh waters, include it as a supreme in salads with cheeses and nuts or in seafood dishes with raw fish and seafood.


Native to Africa and popular in many countries, it is harvested most of the year.

Provides the body with minerals such as iron, phosphorus and potassium, it is also a source of vitamins A, E and beta-carotene; 92 percent of its composition is water.

Make it in fresh water or include it in salads and sandwiches with Serrano ham or queso fresco.

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