Sanctions approved for those who organize dog fights, or fights between a dog and any other animal

Photo: (Proceso)

México, City, (March 24, 2021).- The Chamber of Representatives approved with 448 votes in favor and one against, sanctioning anyone who organizes dog fights between a dog and any other animal. Similarly, the green light was given to punish anyone who transmits such events by any electronic means.

The opinion that reforms the article 419 Bis, sent to the Senate of the Republic for its constitutional effects, points out the need to strengthen the legal framework that guarantees the adequate care of domestic animals and prohibits situations that put them at risk or vulnerability. 

In substantiating the opinion, the president of the Justice Commission, Pilar Ortega Martínez (from the PAN political party), explained that it aims to adjust the content of article 419 Bis, which already sanctions dogfights, and now, fights between a dog and any other animal for recreational, entertainment or any other purposes are also prohibited. 

In the same sense, the provision is adjusted to foresee the case of buying or selling dogs for those purposes.

She explained that sanctions are also foreseen for those who broadcast videos that involve dogfighting by any electronic means, and those who for profit from fights between a dog and other animals. 

It also includes penalties for all those who cause minors to attend exhibitions or shows of fights between a dog against any other animal.

The approved reform includes criminal liability for those who attend any such exhibition as spectators.

Source: Proceso

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