Romero Deschamps has 2 formal complaints against him at the Prosecutor’s Office: AMLO

Photo: (El Financiero)

The president of Mexico pointed out that there are also investigations by “huachicol” of six refineries across the country.

México, City, (March 30, 2021).- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this morning that there are two complaints in the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) against Carlos Romero Deschamps, former leader of the Oil Workers Union of the Mexican Republic (Pemex), for deposits of 309 million pesos.

The information was confirmed to the national president by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), of the Ministry of Finance, after being questioned in the morning conference about whether there was any complaint against the former oil leader, who a few weeks ago resigned from Pemex.

First, López Obrador pointed out: “I do not have detailed information about these investigations, surely the Prosecutor’s Office is doing it”. Minutes later, he confirmed the information: “There are two complaints in the Prosecutor’s Office, according to the Financial Intelligence Unit, for deposits of 309 million pesos against Romero Deschamps.”

In addition to this, the president of Mexico also assured that there are investigations against the leaders of the six refineries in the country, this for issues related to the theft of fuel or ‘huachicol’, although he detailed that many other cases are reviewed for the same issue.

“Investigations are open, not only in this case, there are hundreds, all related to huachicol in pipelines but also monitoring the management of the refineries. There are testimonies that before pipes came out of the refineries, it was not the one that a pipeline was drilled and a clandestine intake was carried out or that gasoline was exploited as an intake, no, it was also allowed from the refineries ”, he added.

Source: El Financiero

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