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Roberto Palazuelos announces he will run for the municipal presidency of Tulum

by Yucatan Times
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Roberto Palazulelos, Televisa’s telenovelas actor known as “the Black Diamond” declared that citizens need people “like him” (whatever he means), to face the situation that this municipality of Quintana Roo is going through. He said that he is outraged by the death of Victoria Esperanza Salazar

Tulum, Quintana, Roo, (March 31, 2021).- Actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos laments the violence that has been increasing in Tulum, especially after the events of last weekend when Victoria Esperanza Salazar, a 36-year-old migrant from El Salvador, died due to excessive force by the police in her detention.

 “What happened to the lady was very unfortunate, I think this situation is not something that is happening only in Tulum but in the entire country, and the truth is that Tulum is very neglected, the Federal Government has neglected, Tulum, you never see the National Guard here, the mafia and violence are growing we need to react”, Palazuelos said in an interview for El Universal.

The Diamante K hotel, owned by the actor, is located in that city, in this regard he considers that the violence that is experienced will affect his businesses as well as the tourism industry.

“Let there be no doubt about that because it is not just that, there have been massacres every third day, there have been shootings in the middle of the coast,” he says. 

“I make a call to the federal authorities, to the National Guard, that they have to do something, they cannot abandon such an important tourist destination,” the actor continued

The Black Diamond recently launched its clothing line. 
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I am going to become the next municipal president: Palazuelos  

For the actor, his entry into Mexican politics is imminent, and he is willing to take over Tulum as the authority. He points out that it is something that he had planned but because of his career he had not been able to accomplish it until today.
“I am going to be the next municipal president of Tulum, from this one to the other, there is not the slightest doubt about that, I can no longer allow them to be doing this type of thing, I have to govern it now,” he says.

“They need a ruler who has the preparation to face all the different aspects of Tulum, not just security but tourism promotion, urban development. That is a fact.”

Palazuelos is not afraid of criticism 

Palazuelos assures that Tulum, municipality of Quintana Roo is one of the places he loves the most in life and he claims to be a “pioneer” in this place in terms of tourism. He said that when he got there there were no hotels.
Regarding the criticisms that could arise for his political aspirations, he thinks that there are always criticisms.
“I am very prepared to be the mayor, I am better prepared for that position than anyone in Tulum, there is no one who has the knowledge of Tulum that I have. I have a law degree, I am also a tourist operator, I own several businesses there and I own land too, I am the one who is going to end up setting order in that destination,” he says.

“Lately things have been getting terrible but the Federal Government does nothing. Everyone pleads that the National Guard please enter and pretend that it does not exist.

Personally, it points out that he has not experienced any violent event but has known that they are killing people in the hotel zone, the figure goes up to 30 deaths in recent days.

“Of course I am afraid like all the people who live in Tulum, it was a super quiet destination, and now that has changed, especially in the last year or so. “

Source: El Universal

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