Uayma Sto Domingo Temple (Photo: Yucatan Ahora)

Uayma, Yucatán, (March 17, 2021).- Derived from the request of the community and due to the importance of the church of “Santo Domingo” in Uayma, the only one of its kind in all of Yucatan due to its viceregal characteristics, the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) carries out the studies of diagnosis that will determine the restoration proposal to present before the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH); with the aim of conserving and protecting this integral piece of the historical and religious heritage of Yucatan.

The specialist in the restoration of movable property and architectural heritage, Karol Molina Sánchez, explained that in this first phase a diagnosis is being worked on, as well as the lifting and recording of the current state of the monument, which will allow determining the effects and deterioration of the property; in order to establish the optimal restoration strategy.

The studies contemplated include a photogrammetric record of the constructive and decorative details of the interior and exterior walls of the building.

“At this moment I am in charge of the decorative lifting of the building. What I do is make a photogrammetric record. We use software to reproduce an orthophoto, which allows us to observe the details of the sets and begin to make a series of damage survey sheets. These plates are known as a pathological study, they allow us to recognize the damage and its causes and with all this, we can determine the current state of conservation ”, the expert said.

Uayma, Yucatan (Photo: Yucatan Ahora)

Molina Sánchez explained that so far what has been identified is that the main cause of the deterioration of the temple is due to rising humidity and filtration, so the community previously took care of the maintenance problems of the structure of the vault. Nevertheless; the next repairs are contemplated within the restoration project in charge of Fonatur.

For his part, Ernesto Urzaiz, the Deputy Manager of Work Monitoring of section 4 Fonatur-Tren Maya, reported that in conjunction with the municipality of Uayma, they are working to supervise the development of the diagnosis and restoration project, with the support of the INAH and the Archdiocese of Yucatán, to guarantee respect for the regulations and the historical and cultural context of the monument.

He added that once the diagnosis is concluded by the various specialists, an intervention proposal will be made according to what the restoration theory dictates, respecting the original piece, with minimal intervention, as well as the use of compatible materials.