Progreso stolen motorcycles are being sold in parts

Progreso, Yucatán, (March 22, 2021).- Due to the lack of police surveillance in different areas of Progreso, motorcycle theft has increased significantly in recent weeks.

According to reports from some victims of this crime, neglecting their motorcycles for a few minutes has been enough to make them disappear.

The places with the highest incidence of robberies are the areas near the swamp, popular neighborhoods, and even places of a high influx of people as the center of the city, where these types of vehicles are parked by their owners, and in a matter of minutes, they’re gone.

How are motorcycles stolen?

The thieves’ mode of operation consists of breaking the locks of light units, cutting the starter cables to generate electricity “bridges” that allow the engine to start and thus flee on board the motorcycles.

In some cases, less experienced thieves push the motorcycles to another nearby place to hide them and after some time, they return for them.

They sell them in parts

Better profits are made through the sale of these vehicles in parts, besides, this makes harder the identification and recovery.

Police effectiveness in catching thieves of this type of vehicle has been low, and the few who have been arrested are released as most victims decline to continue with the formal complaint process.