Progreso beaches will remain closed from March 26 through April 11

The closure will be of the two piers of Progreso. Photo: (SIPSE)

Progreso, Yucatán, (March 23, 2021).- By recommendation of the Health Advisory Committee, made up of the best epidemiologists and experts in public health in Yucatán, the State Government announced that from March 26 to April 11 it will remain closed, both to vehicular traffic and pedestrian, the Traditional and International Malecones of Progreso, a measure aimed at continuing to protect the health of Yucatecans and avoid an increase in the number of infections by Coronavirus that puts hospital capacity at risk. The government announced a new closure of the Progreso boardwalks from March 26 to April 11 to avoid the massive arrival of people.

However, the state government specified that the restaurants that are located on the Traditional Malecón of the port will continue to operate under the protocols and sanitary measures established for this type of business.

The head of the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY), Mauricio Sauri Vivas, reiterated that these provisions were taken based on the recommendations of the Health Committee, to have a safe Easter vacation, which contributes to not putting the state hospitals capacity at-risk and, at the same time, trigger an economic reactivation with the restaurants.

In this framework, the state official and the specialists that make up the Committee, made a call to stay at home and not hold parties or meetings during the Easter holiday season, in order to have a safe period that avoids greater risks of contagion. of the Coronavirus among the population, as well as the closure of businesses that could interrupt the economic reactivation of the state.

In addition, the State Government will reinforce the presence of the Friends of Health on the beaches to continue to invite people to avoid crowded places, promote individual responsibility and strengthen hygiene measures to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus, such as constant hand washing, the correct and mandatory use of face masks in public places, keeping a healthy distance, not attending parties and meetings, as well as self-isolating at the first symptoms and contacting the telephone line 800 YUCATÁN (800 982 2826).

Sauri Vivas and health experts also asked the population to report any event or party that takes place to 911.

It is important to remember that the realization of social events that involve the celebration of weddings, baptisms, XV years, or any other similar celebration, is not allowed. Since last March 1, farms, hotels, event rooms, and the like can hold meetings, using up to 30% of the capacity of the place, for work reasons, business, conventions, among others.

With this, it is sought that the gradual reactivation of the sector occurs in a safe way and that is consistent with the status of the epidemiological indicators of the state.

Sourse: SIPSE