Preservation of the “Huano Houses” a living heritage of the Maya Culture

Carlos Valentín Pech Dzib mayor of Kinchil (Photo: Yucatan Ahora)

In order to preserve the cultural and architectural richness of the Mayan houses in Kinchil, Yucatan, from the beginning of his administration, Mayor Carlos Valentín Pech Dzib launched the program “Conserving my home”, through which he has supported about 20 families of this municipality with 20 thousand huano palm trees.

The huano palm tree (Sabal spp) is an important multiple-use plant resource, which has contributed significantly to the subsistence of the Maya people in Yucatán for more than a thousand years.

“Many people in Yucatan still live in their huano house, some of these constructions are between 30 or 80 years old, and these houses are a living heritage of the Maya Culture, so we will do our best to help them maintain them because they represent a very important part of our culture and identity”, Pech Dzib said.

The mayor added that it is a dual-purpose program because, on the one hand, it provides families with the palms they need to shelter their roofs again while providing an economic stimulus to the farmers who cut, and on the other hand, they will lend the rolls. of huano for its transfer.

Kinchil is 56 kilometers (32 MILES) west of Merida

One of the beneficiaries of this support mentioned that the house where he lives was about to be demolished due to the lack of palm trees, but now with this support, he will be able to reserve his house for many more years.