One dead and a dozen injured in a passenger bus crash on the Mérida-Cancun

Due to the accident, 15 were injured and one person died. Photo: (Yucatan News)

Passenger bus overturns when colliding with pickup truck

Mérida, Yucatán (March 16, 2021).- A strong collision between a passenger bus and a pick-up truck that left a balance of one person dead and 16 people injured, was registered tonight at kilometer 98 of the free highway Mérida-Cancun.

The accident occurred right between the towns of Libre Unión and Yokdzonot, where a passenger bus of the Oriente Line, with number 5889, was traveling from Valladolid to Mérida.

However, on that stretch, it collided with a black Ford pick-up truck, with YYG-511A plates from Yucatán, and then overturned.

Dozens of injured

A total of 15 people who were in the bus were injured and on the side of the truck the driver was killed and the passenger of the truck was seriously injured.

Some of the injured. Photo: (Yucatan News)

One of the 15 injured on the bus, an elderly person, was taken to the General Hospital of Valladolid, while the expert services took charge of the corpse of the bus driver. The other injured passengers were taken on SSP patrol cars to nearby medical centers.

According to the preliminary report of the experts, the bus was traveling at the speed that it usually travels when it hit the low-speed truck from the rear. Then the trucker lost control of the guide and ended up overturned.

Source: Sipse

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