Official dies during an event in Progreso’s “Casa de la Cultura”

PROGRESO, YUCATAN (March 4, 2021).- While providing support to fishermen due to the recent ban on grouper and other species along the Yucatan coast, Augusto N.S., Deputy Director of Fisheries and Agricultural Development of the Progreso City Council, suffered a heart attack that ended his life.

The 69-year-old official was at the Casa de la Cultura de Progreso attending an official event when he suddenly passed out in front of everyone.

Scared, the assistants came to his aid while they called the emergency number 911, and within minutes an ambulance arrived, and the paramedics took him to the American Medical Center (CMA) in the port.

Unfortunately, minutes after his admission, Augusto N. died due to heart failure.

Obviously, his family mourned the loss. Augusto had three children and was married to Gabriela HM, a current official of the Estancia del Adulto Mayor of the City Council of Progreso. Augusto was turning 70 on May 3rd.