More visitors expected at the Merida’s Museum of Natural History

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (March 19, 2021).- With the arrival of the Easter holidays, the number of visitors to the Natural History Museum is expected to increase, since in the last week around 70 people have attended the space, informed the person in charge Juan José Durán Nájera.

He specified that since its reopening, in December of last year and until last January, the influx of people was good since there was an average of 60 views per month, however, during February they decreased considerably.

He indicated that the museum is a safe space and the necessary hygiene measures are maintained such as the use of face masks, the percentage of capacity, as well as the use of antibacterial gel and the sanitation of the rooms, to avoid contagions.

He acknowledged that despite the sanitary restrictions that prevail due to the coronavirus, the museum’s activities are carried out virtually through social networks.

“People have been visiting our museum virtually, in the months of December and January, we had more or less 700 visitors per month, in February it dropped to less than 300 and now so far in March we are seeing that a lot of people are coming and it is likely that in the vacations more arrives ”, he asserted.

We always try to have the minimum measures, he continued, their data is taken, the number of people who enter, if they have not had Covid or symptoms, their temperature is taken, they are given gel, they go through sanitizing mats and when they enter they are He asks that they continue the tour without touching any object, he explained.

He celebrated that so far no worker has contracted the virus or present symptoms, so they will continue with the necessary measures for the care of all staff and families who come to the museum.

He recalled that recreational activities with groups of children cannot yet be carried out, so they are working together with the Yucatan Museum Network to see the possibility of offering a billboard of activities for the month of May on the occasion of the International Day of the museums.