Let’s celebrate Beethoven in 2021 with the Yucatan Quartet

The Quo Vadis Quartet will present a Beatles concert Wednesday March 29 in Merida. (PHOTO: yucatan.com.mx)

With great enthusiasm, we announce a series of concerts by the Yucatán Quartet sponsored by the Mérida City Hall.

This wonderful series of 5 concerts will take place at the Olimpo Cultural Center – next to the Plaza Grande – with which we will enjoy beautiful evenings on Thursdays at 7:30 pm, mainly with some compositions for String Quartets of Beethoven.

We will start the first concert featuring the first composition he made for quartets, and we will end the series with the last movement, written at the end of his life, by the fabulous “Genius from Bonn”.

The dates are already scheduled for Thursday evenings, at the Olimpo Cultural Center, with the Yucatán Quartet at 7:30 a.m. at night: March 11, March 25, April 8, May 6, and May 13.

General tickets: $ 80 pesos
To buy tickets online, please follow this link
TusBoletos.mx – We celebrate Beethoven on March 11

The health protocol will be complied with as requested by the authorities.
Pay online or reserve your tickets and pay in Oxxo, choose the payment method in the purchase process.

See you at Centro Cultural Olimpo!

First Program – March 11, 2021

L. V. Beethoven: String Quartet, Opus 18 No. 1 in F Major.
Felix Mendelssohn: Capricho, Fuga and Scherzo. Posthumous Opus.

First Program Notes

L. V. Beethoven: String Quartet, Opus 18 No. 1 in F Major.
Beethoven was inspired and began writing for string quartets in 1800, after seeing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet performed in German in his native Bonn.

The second movement corresponds to his musical interpretation of the tragic tomb scene.

After working for two years, Beethoven decided to give his manuscript to a friend who intensively reviewed the work for a year until it was approved by Beethoven who immediately sent it to his publicist with the words: “Be sure to only use this version for which I have made numerous and drastic alterations. It is until now that I have really learned to write Quartets, which you will see as you start receiving them. “

Beethoven then composed 16 marvelous and monumental String Quartets, as part of his great compositions, which undoubtedly changed the course of Western music and culture.

Felix Mendelssohn: Capricho, Fuga and Scherzo. Posthumous Opus
Mendelssohn intended these two movements to be part of a Complete String Quartet.

They were discovered after his death at age 38, in 1847. Mendelssohn was so inspired and influenced by Beethoven’s Quartets that he frequently included parts of those in his own. These two wonderful pieces are two fabulous examples of this.