Latinus Media exhibits loan to AMLO’s propaganda man.

AMLO pointed out that the production company Argos can receive loans and that Nacional Financiera and Bancomext are banks that provide loans to companies.

MEXICO CITY (LatinUs) – Epigmenio Ibarra has been the person in charge of the dissemination and propaganda of AMLO’s government during this administration. His production company is known mainly for its “narco-series” content.

Epigmenio Ibarra’s production company, Argos, received in mid-2020 a credit for 150 million pesos from the government bank Bancomext, revealed this Thursday a report by the media LatinUS, led by Carlos Loret de Mola.

According to the report titled “Salvando al Soldado Epigmenio” (Saving Private Epigmenio) – Argos obtained the loan in two parts, first of 100 million pesos, destined for the production of television series, and a second of 50 million pesos more, for the acquisition of equipment, supplies, and remodeling.

For the credit operation, Bancomext created a trust, a figure that the President has criticized for being an opaque figure that lends itself to corruption acts. It is worth mentioning that AMLO denied credit and support to Mexican companies during the pandemic, a situation that led thousands to bankruptcy.

The loan expires in 2024, the year in which López Obrador will leave office.

The Yucatan Times