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Is AMLO a misogynist? Morenista says no

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán (March 8, 2021).- One month ago, Ninive Zuñiga Zetina was registered as a candidate for the Municipal Presidency of the city of Mérida representing the MORENA political party.

“I am convinced that the city of Mérida urgently needs a radical change in public policies to improve the citizen environment, listen carefully to their petitions, and solve the problems that occur in the public and private spheres,” Zuñiga Cetina declared.

While Ninive defends AMLO’s actions and states that he is not to blame for this huge social problem, many Mexicans all over the country accuse Andrés Manuel López Obrador of being a misogynist and being ignorant in their work, which has led to many women losing their lives due to femicide. People also criticize the unworthy treatment of women by the 4T government.

Marches and protests take place year after year, gathering thousands of women throughout Mexico, that want to cry out for justice, and demand the government to clarify the hundreds of unpunished cases of physical violence against women all over Mexico.

According to Ninive Zuñiga, López Obrador is under the attack of the feminist movement that has been infiltrated by shock groups from the right (which does not make any sense considering that Right-wing political parties in Mexico do not agree with abortion and other feminist initiatives).

Women who with fury and hatred attack the national president for not supporting the feminist movement are totally right, they demand justice from the executive branch since the judicial branch is not doing their work.

That is why it is important that the fight and the feminist movement focus on prosecutors in all states since that body concentrates all complaints and violations against women, which includes: judges, courts, experts, everything that leads to judicial power, they dictate sentence in the resolution, imputation, integration of files, investigation folders, investigating police, etc. But, when you are a woman living in a country like Mexico, with a president that does not want to take responsibility for femicides and the great social problems that involve women in Mexico.

The Judicial Power exonerates rapists, sexual abusers, and murderers. The administration of justice by Mexican judges leaves much to be desired, and so does the lack of action by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Currently, in the prosecution, there is a lot of institutional violence against women from the first moment that a complaint is filed, the victim is led to conciliation with her aggressor and that does that many women stop insisting on the complaint.

Mexican judges need to provide certainty and legal security, it is essential that the action of judges and courts is done in the face of society and get to know the way in which they carry out the state function of imparting justice.

It is also important to mention that the budget granted to the State and Municipal governments in support of women is not enough.

For a country free of violence in the judiciary prosecutors, a total cleaning of public servants must be made to eradicate corruption and very influential.

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