How did the Yucatecan senators vote for AMLO’s electric reform?

Yucatecan senators Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín (PRI) and Raúl Paz Alonzo (PAN) voted on Tuesday, March 2nd, against the electricity reform.

On the contrary, Verónica Camino Farjat, recently incorporated into the Morena bench, voted in favor of the initiative sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and which was approved by an overwhelming majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

In the case of the Senate, the vote was 68 votes in favor and 58 votes against.

Just in the afternoon the Business Coordinating Council asked the Yucatecan senators to vote against the electricity reform, since they consider that they favor forms of production that make energy more expensive in Yucatan.

On the contrary, clean energy production is left aside, which will allow Yucatan to have more accessible and lower-cost electricity.

Currently, most of the electrical energy in the Yucatan Peninsula depends on Chiapas.

For a few years to date, various wind and solar parks have been installed in Yucatan for the generation of electricity.

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