Hard blow against AMLO’s reform.

Morena launches itself against the Judicial Power.

MEXICO (Times Media Mexico) – The Electricity Reform is definitively suspended. Judge Juan Pablo Gómez Fierro definitively suspended the controversial electricity reform promoted by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which prioritizes the public generation of electricity to the detriment of private generation.

Gómez, Second District Judge in Administrative Matters Specialized in Economic Competition, justified his decision “to protect the rights of free competition and with concurrence in the markets.”

“The definitive suspension that is granted is for the effect of suspending all the consequences derived from the Decree by which several provisions of the Law of the Electric Industry are reformed and added,” the judge ruled in the suspension incident 118/2021, released to the media this Friday.

Upon learning of the measure, Morena, the federal Executive’s party, accused the Judicial Power of “protecting a corrupt elite and not the interests of the people.”

The party warned that it would maintain its struggle for the defense of the country’s energy resources.

The Yucatan Times