Gang members attack and kill a man in Merida’s Colonia Juan Pablo II

According to SIPSE, the victim was having a beer with a friend when they were both attacked by gang members.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- Sergio “N” , 53 years old, died in the early hours of Tuesday, March 9th, when a gang member identified as Marco Antonio “N” stabbed him in the chest in a violent attack that occurred in Colonia Juan Pablo II.

In addition, another gang member named Edwin de J. “N” seriously injured a man by throwing a brick to his head, sending him to the hospital. Both hooligans were arrested.

The events took place on a property on Calle 38 (between 47 and 47-A) in the aforementioned area. 

Sergio and his friend Emmanuel “N” had been drinking beers. However, the problem started when a group of gang members passed by, and started insulting them.

Sergio responded, and Marco Antonio N took out a knife stabbing him in the chest. Emmanuel wanted to intervene, but Edwin N threw a brick to his head. The family of both men came out and caught sight of the escaping aggressors.

The attention of the authorities was requested, and SSP agents began a swift operation in the area to find the attackers, while paramedics treated both injured and sent them to a hospital, where, unfortunately, Mr. Edwin died.

The police officers managed to arrest the two gang members, who were taken to jail waiting for the affected families to file the corresponding formal complaints.