Firefighters capture a crocodile that roamed the streets of Kinchil

Photo: Yucatán al instante

Kinchil, Yucatán, (March 04, 2021).- What a scare was a motorcycle taxi driver who was traveling in the first minutes of this Wednesday, he was about to run over a crocodile that crossed him at the corner of Calle 21 and 14 of this municipality.

The young man who was going home called the Municipal Police, as the huge reptile came out of the forest.

Kinchil is 56 kilometers (32 MILES) west of Merida

After arriving, the local police agents asked the firefighters of unit 793 of the Ministry of Public Security for support. 

The rescuers secured the animal when it tried to enter a vacant lot in Colonia San Marcial. 

Finally, the ‘croc’ of almost one meter was transferred to its natural habitat by waterways on the way to Celestún.

Source: yucatanalinstante