Fines of up to $1,613 pesos for parking on bike path

Photo: (Yucatán Ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (March 19, 2021).- According to the Official Gazette of the state, there are already fines of up to 1,613.16 pesos (approximately 80 USD), for those motorists who do not respect the bike lane and park on it. This measure came into effect on March 6, however, they are not yet applied, for the moment they only remove the vehicles that obstruct this area. 

They will be penalized from one to five UMAs, with a value of 89.62 pesos each, for obstructing the bike lane with a vehicle or any other object, offering merchandise or services, distributing propaganda or requesting financial aid without permission from the competent authorities. 

Also from six to eight UMAs for obstructing the passage with a combustion vehicle, hybrid or mixed, or electric; and from 13 to 15 for driving without glasses, contact lenses, or any other device.

Article 193 indicates that cyclists must travel in the designated lanes, respect the directions of these bike lanes, do not ride their bikes on sidewalks, or with excess passengers.

Source: Yucatán al minuto