Every two hours a person dies in Yucatán from Covid-19

(Photo: SIPSE)

Merida Yucatan (March 2, 2021).- Health authorities report 50 new cases and 12 deaths in the last 24 hours due to Covid-19 in Yuctán.

On Tuesday, March 2nd, 50 new infections of Coronavirus were detected in the state, of which 29 were in Mérida; 4 in Acanceh and Izamal; 3 in Umán; 2 in Kanasín and Ticul; and one in Chankom, Chapab, Halayó, Sucilá, Tekax and Valladolid.

Of the 802 active cases to date, 578 are at home and 224 are in public hospitals and in total isolation. There are other patients awaiting diagnosis.

Of the 32,734 positive cases, 28,437 patients have already recovered. Specifically in Mérida, 20,258 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

In this medical part, 12 deaths are reported.  7 men and 5 women, with an age range of 38 to 85 years.

1.- 56-year-old female from Mérida HAS / Obesity

2.- 69-year-old male from Mérida HAS

3.-85-year-old male from Mérida DM

4.- 56-year-old female of Merida Obesity

5.- Male 59 years old from Mérida Without comorbidities

6.- 74-year-old male from Tizimín DM / HAS / IRC

7.- 63-year-old male from Umán DM / HAS

8.- 39 year old female from Maxcanú DM / HAS

9.- 38-year-old male from Mérida Without comorbidities

10.- Male 44 years old from Mérida HAS / Obesity

11.- 63-year-old female from Tekax IRC / HAS / Obesity

12.- 60-year-old female from Hecelchakan, Campeche HAS / Obesity


In total, 3,495 people have died from the Coronavirus in Yucatan ever since the start of the pandemic.