The restaurants on Cancun’s Nader Avenue will offer dishes at affordable prices to encourage gastronomic tourism.

Cancun, Quintana Roo, (March 17, 2021).-  The restaurants on the Nader Route in Cancun will be having a Taco Week, in order to promote their businesses, with meals under 150 pesos, until March 21st.

Carlos Castillo, the representative of the Nader Route, explained that this is the second edition that they carry out and they hope to impact at least a thousand diners in the different restaurants, in order to be able to reactivate the businesses, which have been devastated by the pandemic.

“There are nine restaurants that will be participating for a week and thus offer a gastronomic sample of a trio of tacos, in which diners can go to each of the participants and thus get to know each of the restaurants, and the initiative is made within the framework of Taco Day that is commemorated on March 31st ”.

Cancun’s Nader Avenue went through difficult times last year during the pandemic with the closure of businesses, but it is already coming alive again, and that is why they are organizing events of this type to attract more diners, not only tourists but locals to promote gastronomy.

“We are a group of young entrepreneurs, who are reactivating the foundational area and the city center, to generate a greater economic benefit. For this reason, we are contemplating doing two editions of this event,” Castillo said.

The price of the plate with three tacos will vary depending on the business, however, it is expected to fluctuate between 70 and 190 pesos, depending on the different businesses.

Marcy Bezaleel Pacheco, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), said that these types of events are very effective to promote gastronomic tourism.